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Kanikapila Flute Company provides entertainment, education, and cultural services.


  • Kanikapila Flute Company was formed to provide opportunities for flute players of all ages and levels to play music together.
  • We can perform for various functions, including concerts (gratis) for care homes, bereavement services (fee) and other events (fee).
  • Kanikapila Flute Company promotes music education to the schools and communities in Hawaii
  • Kanikapila fosters international connections between countries through music. We provide cultural enrichment activities such as introducing music and instruments from other cultures and provide connections to artists and crafters of instruments from other countries.
  • Flute workshops and lessons available.

Sharing Music

HWE Flute Ensemble

The Honolulu Wind Ensemble, a community band organization was formed in 1973. Mika Shamoto-Hill, flute section leader, organized the HWE Flute Ensemble utilizing the rather large flute section. This group plays regularly for nursing homes and Christmas concerts.

Click here for more information on HWE.

Kanikapila Quartet

This quartet is available to perform for various functions.

Cultural Connections


Kanikapila Flute Company is very excited to introduce Simeon (Apuruna Mallku Zenon), a Peruvian flute player who crafts very beautiful flutes. These flutes are made from sacred woods and carved with sacred symbols. Entirely handmade and perfectly tuned to standard pitches of C, D ,G , E, A and low G, these flutes can be played immediately by anyone. There is no learning curve!

Teresa met Simeon in Pisac in 2015 and immediately bought 9 flutes. The first order of these flutes to Hawaii is scheduled to arrive soon.  The next order will be quena flutes, which are harder to play, but they are the standard flutes of Peru. Also available is the Pan flute.


Mika-Shamoto Hill is an expert in Gagaku, the ancient form of Japanese Court Music. Her father teaches at the University of Hawaii.

Other cultural connections through flutes:

  • American Indian Flute
  • Irish Flute
  • Chinese Egg Flute
  • Hawaiian Nose Flute

Instruments for Sale

Postings of instruments for sale coming soon!

Promoting Music Education

Promoting Music Education

There is an unlimited opportunity to serve the community and children of Hawaii.  Music is based on mathematics and science and it is well known that music training enhances the brain neuron activity involved in learning new processes of not only children, but senior citizens, as well.  Many children in Hawaii do not have the same opportunities as children in the continental U.S. who often start music education at the age of 5 or younger.

The dream of Kanikapila Flute Company is to one day provide exposure to young children of the various instruments in the band and orchestra. Perhaps a rendition of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” that regularly was performed for schools in the 1960’s.

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